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Working long hours without much growth?
Not paying yourself enough?
It doesn’t have to be this way.
You can gain control of your business, afford to pay yourself much more and have fun again,
 while your business continues to grow.

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You're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and fearful that you are not making the money you need and having sleepless nights as a result? Are you feeling like you are doing EVERYTHING you should be, and still not getting the results you need?

Maybe you're just getting started, or maybe you've got some clients, but you’re not where you want to be and you're working harder than you should be, without as much traction as you'd like. You'd like to sell more of what you have to offer and get more money coming in. And you care about creating more positive impact in the world, with the work you love to do!

I know exactly how that can feel. I’ve had moments like this, when I have curled up on my bed and cried, especially when Covid-19 struck. I had to change the way I approached my business.  But after I got really focused and clear, I started to meet my clients where they were, with "how I could best serve them". I pivoted the business and started getting good by doing good. I realized that everything we do counts and everything we do, say and offer should be a client attraction experience.

I made a commitment to teach the next generation of female business owners, so you don’t have to go through the pain I did. Helping you to step into your feminine and not force or struggle in the unnatural masculine. You'll have everything you need to enable you to master your mindset, find the best business model to fit and a client attraction strategy that sells for you, by learning how to sell more, more often. You'll learn how to make your offers with heartfelt connection, so your clients buy more of what, only you, have to offer, so that you CAN grow your impact in the world.

I help you transform as a business owner, through training, coaching and mentorship, to build ExtraOrdinary clients attraction Experiences, which takes you beyond your marketing message and brand story, as we work on your mindset, business model and client attraction strategy so you sell more, more often.

Hi my name is Tina Jesson and I help (mainly) women business owners to make constant, profitable income. By helping you create ExtraOrdinary Experiences and interactions where your clients feel heard, appricated and understood.

Just so you know a bit more about me and why I am offering this. I am British (yes I still have the accent), now living in the USA. An Innovations Award finalist, a published author and have owned businesses in both the UK and USA for over 20 years. I've worked with small business clients and big brand names.
People call my work: Inspired, Powerful, Empowering and Insightful. I have been featured in national press including the Wall Street Journal, and appeared on TV for FOX and BBC to name a few.

So, if you are ready to take control of your financial future, live up to your full potential, grow your impact and show your family that they are right to support you in your business…it starts with a simple conversation. Simply contact me to arrange a Complimentary Strategy Call  and let's chat.

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