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The Xperience Academy
where EVERY Interaction is a
Designed Client Connection Experience

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to... harness the power of experience design to attract more of your ideal clients, build connections and make more money, in 12 weeks or less.

Hey there, you heart centered, holistic, energy worker, spiritual, female biz owner! Want some magic in your life and business? 😉🔮You’ve come to the right place. Somewhere far, far away lies a hidden and secret place called, The Xperience Academy. Its where your business Fairy Godmother lives, waiting to sprinkle fairy dust across all that you do.  Only those special few may enter. 😗 Perhaps you believe in the power of the Universe, life’s magic and a little woo woo… The Xperience Academy welcomes YOU!
You are a female heart centered entrepreneur, healer or holistic health worrier 👜 
You love the power of The Law of Attraction and know that The Universe is working on your behalf and that life is happening FOR you and not to you (amongst other magical 🧙 things)
You are ready to get rid of blocks, (visibility) fears and limiting beliefs so that you can get massive, awesomesauce results in your biz and life, which you know you deserve! You are ready to open your mind to the Infinite Possibilities awaiting you, as you dive into your unique brilliance and create a huge impact in the world… 💰 And of cause you want to make more money doing the things you loves 💰 unapologetically, so that you can gain the freedom to take days off, whenever you want 🤩 Spend some time with your family and kids /Grandkids👧🏻 Or go out in nature, tend the garden, cook from scratch or go to the beach 🏖 
Inside the walls of TheXperienceAcademy, we learn, laugh, cry and have tons of fun together (and even play dress up) as we create experiences for our clients!! 
Are you ready for the most magical Academy you could ever go to?!
The Xperience Academy teaches how to combine business strategy, social connection theory, and the psychology of motivation to create an unforgettable experience for your clients. No matter whether you’re just starting out and still searching for your first or next client or you already have a business that you’d like to see perform better. The Xperience Academy will teach you how to build a business through the lens of experience design, that gets real results. 

Your mission should you choose to accept it is...  to harness the power of experience design to attract more of your ideal clients, build connections and make more money, in 12 weeks or less via the Right Clients Right Now program. Enrollment is NOW open

This is not your typical kind of business academy, dispensing advice on strategy that’s difficult to apply. While you will cover many business growth topics and proven techniques, this approach is grounded in psychology, with the heart rooted in connection & an intimate knowledge of the person or people you’re here to serve, by designing an experience for them, that fits into their wants and needs. By using the experience in every decision made, going through a process of ideation, testing, and iteraterating your way to awsome, you improve their experience of working with you, so they work with you more often.

Are you ready to take inspired, guided & supported action? 

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It's Okay I hear you!
You will be guided to make a simple 15 degree pivot in your business so you make a heart felt connection with your customers, clients or guests and design an experience they feel connected to.
You'll be able to clarify your objectives so you can “BE” more (of who you want to be), “DO” more (of what you want to do) and “HAVE” more (as you find the joy in life) and REACH more (of your kind of people) – the ones who get you and really want to work with you and who YOU really want to serve and support.

What got you here, won't get you there.
That's why you need a different approach that can include coaching, virtual trainings & business specific resources, to hold you accountable. This, my dear friend, is how you will achieve more together, than you ever thought you could on your own. Just because you're in business FOR yourself, doesn't mean you have to do it BY yourself. I am here to help!

Tina - Your Business Fairy Godmother
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Paula Lord – Gymroots - "I am so charged up and better able to focus on "business building time" with your assistance. Having a clear HOMEWORK and understanding how it fits in the big picture has already been an incredible help. Especially as I am gaining confidence in how to utilize the different technologies"  
Paula gained a $20,000 client by week 6 of the Jump Start Program

If you have a strong desire be a catalyst for positive change on this planet through your business,
and want to build connection, community, purpose and prosperity,
Tina will guide you to bring your unique brilliance to the very people you & your business have been called to serve!

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