How to create engaging experiences

 The Xperience Academy
"Creating Magical, Memorable Moments"
Event & Experience Design Consultancy 
Offering strategic advisory & experience design services to corporate event and marketing teams. 
Helping to build engagement strategies for in
-person events that drives demand, delights audiences, builds community, and generates revenue.

 "Tina worked with the Redrow Marketing Team to create an experiencial service for our clients which improved our bottom line significantly." 

Simon Bennett
Marketing Director, Redrow Homes

 "Tina worked with the event production team to create 4 roomsets, an interactive consultancy area and worked with vendors to help us produce an interactive feature and sell more tickets." 

BBC Good Homes Show
Event Production Team

 "I am so charged up and better able to focus with your advice & coaching. Thank you for making the VIP area of Wellbeing Fest Event such as success - we'll be doing it again next year"

Karmen Fink
Founder, Wellbeing Fest

Ways to Work with Tina

Learn how to... Training

Includes marketing strategy & tactics training, so you have the tools and know how to do it yourself in your business, corporation or for your heritage venue.

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Done with you...Consultancy/Advisory

You learn what to do and get group or individual  support on how to do it.  Tina works with you on your experience strategy and you and/or your marketing team.

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Created or Curated for You

You can engage Tina to consult on your project, create or curate your extraordinary experience or to work with your team to create your own ExtraOrdinary Experiences

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