✨The Xperience Academy✨
Creating eXtraOrdinary Magical & Memorable Experiences 
for your Customers, Clients & Guests
Experience & Events Consultant, Tina Jesson, provides her Experiential Marketing approach to 
Guest & Customer Experience Development, Event Experience Solutions & Experientail Retail & Hospitality

The 3 Ways to Work With Tina

Learn how to... Training

Includes marketing strategy & tactics training, so you have the tools and know how to do it yourself in your business, corporation or as you build your personal brand.

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Done with you...Consultancy/Advisory

You learn what to do and group or individual  support on how to do it, so Tina works with you on your experience strategy and you and/or your marketing team.

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Created or Curated for You

You can engage Tina to consult on your project, create or curate your extraordinary experience or work with your team to create ExtraOrdinary Experiences

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 "I am so charged up and better able to focus with your support. Thank you for making the VIP area of Wellbeing Fest Event such as success - we'll be doing it again next year"  

Jen Seffrin
Founder, Wellbeing Fest

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