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Welcome to the Xperience Academy &
Discover Your Entrepreneurial Superpower?
New biz growth witches and marketing super heros graduate from the Xperience Academy each year. 
Like the name suggests this isn’t an ordinary Academy. 
On the contrary, its quite ExtraOrdinary.
It's where your business Fairy Godmother lives, waiting to sprinkle fairy dust across all that you do.  
Only those special few may enter. Perhaps you believe in the power of the Universe, life’s magic and a little woo woo… The Xperience Academy welcomes YOU!

You have a strong desire be a catalyst for positive change on this planet through your business, and want to build connection, community, purpose and prosperity.
Learn how to bring your unique brilliance to the very people you & your business have been called to serve!

 "I am so charged up and better able to focus on "business building time" with your assistance. Having a clear HOMEWORK and understanding how it fits in the big picture has already been an incredible help. Especially as I am gaining confidence in how to utilize the different technologies"  
Paula gained a $20,000 client by week 6 of the Jump Start Program

Paula Lord
Founder, GymRoots

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Emily found her emotional "why", rediscovered her business focus, and identified the common thread through all her business ideas which helped her to build her brand story.

Diana shares how women in business really start to thrive with emotional support, the encouragement of a guide that can see the possibilities and help you to develop a strong, positive mindset. 

Deatra thought she would need to spend a fortune on traditional advertising until she discovered a more effective way...