Better Questions Lead to Better Results

Successful people ask better questions, and as a result they get better answers

Always have a learning mind

After over 30 years in business myself, I feel I have some life & business experience to share.

But did you know I have had a number of coaches and mentors myself?

I did some inner work myself last week with one of my coaches and here are my top takeaways from the experience, I wanted to share with you, in the hope you might find them useful in your journey.

1. Always have a learning mind

If you go into a mastermind or training thinking you know everything you won't learn anything.

I always look for something new, or something that I have heard before but never had the time to apply it. Maybe now is the right time to look at that again.

There maybe people in the room who have only been in business half the time you have but you can still learn a lot from. Always do the exercises and ask questions – it will really get you thinking.

It is always useful to have someone else's eyes on my business. Or stop you and make you think again and reassess where you actually are NOW!

2. Values & Boundaries trump Strategy

I deliberately put myself in a group that will stretch me but also aligns with my values.

I have been in a lot of coaching/mastermind/training events with great content but it wasn't in alignment with how I want to structure my business and design my life around the people I want in my life and what I want to achieve

My motto is – I want business success and still stay married.

This time was different, I was stretched but it still fit within my values and lifestyle that I want to create.

3. Questions I loved...

• " How can I create this business to make more money without too much more work (its easy to deliver) and without losing myself?"

• " What do I want my life to look like in 3 years?" – how many days off – vacation time – weekends off

• " What am I lacking or craving?" – how can I quench my burning desire

• " How can I incorporate selfcare into my business plan?" – without guilt

As Tony Robbins says: “successful people ask better questions and as a result they get better answers”

What great empowering questions will you ask yourself today?

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And as I always say - "There are no dumb questions in business - just stuff you've not figured out yet" - so please just ask.