How to Create a Magical New Year

We often get dissappointed in what we haven't done, we don't always take time to recognize what we have.

As we come to the end of another year, thoughts turn to the possibilities and plans for the new. We often forget to look back and recognize the path we have traveled.

This is one of the exercises I do with my clients at the end of each year (I do it usually between Christmas and New Years) that helps to see what’s been accomplished, lessons learned and renewed focus on the next chapter.

Use this process in your life and business and tap into life magic.

Now where did I put my wand?

  1. Year in Review Exercise – use a new journal or note book

Why am I doing this planning process?

Reflect on 2021

  1. What have I missing last year
  2. What have I been avoiding
  3. What do I really want
  4. How I want 2022 to be different

Keep this in mind

  1. Understand the right next move. What is the right next move?
  2. Seize the opportunity
  3. Realize that we all make mistakes
  4. Work on yourself every day
  5. Run the race as hard as you can – play full out
  6. Believe it is possible
  7. The people you are seeking are actively seeking you
  8. You will find your purpose
  9. Stay grounded
  10. And relax – its going to be okay

Review past year

  1. What areas did you struggle, where challenged or felt that you didn’t make progress
  2. What areas that were easy – no struggle
  3. What was different about the two – how did you turn up
  4. Think about a goal you had last year and why you didn’t hit it
  5. What 3 areas of life you don’t want to deal with
  6. What positive emotions would you like to feel more of
  7. And less of?
  8. What would make 2022 freaking fantastic

Goals for The New Year

  1. Set a stretch goal for Q1
  2. Work as hard as you can to achieve it – play full out
  3. Celebrate its completion with something special
  4. Review progress – what can I learn – no matter how it went
  5. Set goals for next Q

Write out the things you could do and select the 3 things you will do