Journal Talk Secrets Podcast Episode 1

Tina Jesson, shares how journaling can help you get clear, acheive your goals, change your life and help you to find your authentic self

Journal Talk Secrets Podcast

Hi, my name is Tina Jesson, and I'm your host today for Journal Talk Secrets.

This is how journaling can help entrepreneurs get clear, help focus, achieve your goals, change your life, and find your authentic self.

Hi there, I don't know if you are like me, an entrepreneur who can get a little bit stressed, a little bit anxious that needs a really good way of finding a solution to helping you through each day, and become more resilient, and the technique I use is all in journaling and in Journal Talk Secrets, we're going to help you discover the art of journaling.

My name is Tina Jesson, and I've been an entrepreneur for gosh nearly 30 years now, in the UK and USA in various industries. Form design, travel transport, food, entertainment, and experiences, and hospitality. So the main thing that has helped me through, as an entrepreneur, is through the skill of journaling,. And it's only recently occurred to me that this is something you might be interested in exploring a little more. And that's what we're looking to do with the journal talk secrets. So how can journaling, really help in day to day entrepreneurialism?

Well, what I realized is that I found about 10 different points.

  1. It does help with emotional release. When I find that I haven't journaled for several days. I sometimes just need to get quiet and right.
  2. And what I find when I do that, it does reduce stress.
  3. And it gets rid of those negative thoughts that you might have.
  4. It also improves your physical health, because of reducing the stress you feel physically more able to kind of get up in the morning and bounce out. I sometimes think when I go to bed at night I'm going to journal in the morning because I know I've not been for a while, and I really want to get something done.
  5. I also find it prevents overwhelm.
  6. It helps you put things into perspective and I'll give you some tools and techniques on how I use journaling, to help me do just that.
  7. It also gives you what I like to THOUGHT TIME, because sometimes I'm just so busy going from the day to day appointment to appointment, we've got to be somewhere, both hectic. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little bit of time to ourselves to our thoughts, or really connect ourselves again, review what we've been doing. Look at what we haven't been able to get to the area of self-care, which is taking a little bit of time for yourself and have a bit of time to get back into perspective, to them really helpful.
  8. I also find journaling helps with problem solving, and I'm going to give you some tools and techniques on how to use journaling and the questions to ask yourself, that can really put you in a very clear, problem solving mindset.
  9. It also helps to get you in touch with your inner self and I'm not going to apologize for getting a little bit “wo wo” here, the kinds of people that are my kind of people, get what I'm talking about here. And if it's not your thing, that's fine, but I find that just a bit like, meditation. Meditation written down, you really start to feel your way into your business by getting in touch with your own self, and all sorts of stuff starts to flow onto the page.
  10. I also find journaling helps you to find the answers that you're looking for. A  coach once said to me that you already have the answers, it's just finding the right question to ask, find the right answers and journaling, certainly helps you get focused and clear, and the answers find their way out of your subconscious.

It helps for you to hear your subconscious by quieting your mind like meditation, it's like prayer, it just really helps you to go inward, and reflect and your subconscious, which is usually the quiet voice in the back of your mind.

Rather than the loud ego voice can really help to bring back the conscious view to the forefront.

What kind of journal to really get into flow that your subconscious your authentic self, starts to come forth, that you can really start to hear yourself.

And I've often asked myself for my, my inner self, my higher self if you like my inner being. I will often ask myself a question, or state, an intention that helps you to get started. Sometimes if I don't know where to start. I might just sit down and write my intention today is…and let my inner being flow to my heart, and into my pen.

And then, when you read that back again, you'll see that you were in flow, and that you were really connected with your inner being and your heart self, your authentic self comes out and really helps you get clear. And I think that's something that entrepreneurs have a problem with because we have so many ideas bouncing around in their heads and we want to do something with everything.

I know from my personal standpoint. I hate the mundane. Like, that's one of my motivators, it's one of the things that I need to stay motivated is that I have is to have variety.

As an entrepreneur, and many entrepreneurs I know, and then you lose your clarity. By getting quiet with your journal. I tend to do my journal first thing in a morning.

Before I actually get out of bed. I will sit there and concentrate on writing and concentrating. And I might spend 20 minutes or half an hour reading. It might take me an hour to really get clear on what I want, where I want to focus my day. And as a result, I get so much more, and achieve more goals. So, if your like me and an entrepreneur this Journal Talk Secrets series is really going to help,  you fly and flourish.

And if this speaks to you, it’s a real good thing as I open up my heart, my journal and talk to you about some of the things, sharing some of the things that have been meaningful to me. Some of the moments of inspiration that I've had, by going through this process and also giving you the techniques on what really makes this process really worthwhile and work.

So, sign up, join us, like us.

And this is the Journal Talk Secrets podcast. Until next time, keep journaling.