Lofty Lessons from a Tea Room Owner?

You are probably thinking, what on earth is this ex tearoom owner turned coach, trainer and mentor, doing, setting up something as lofty as this?

You are probably thinking, what on earth is this ex tearoom owner turned coach, trainer and mentor, doing, setting up something as lofty as The Xperience Academy?

I have been a business owner since the late 1990’s and in that time, I have run businesses in both the UK and the USA each time achieving multiple 6 figures, but it was running my tea room that crystallized so much of my experience and learning I have done, over the years, for me.

It was like everything I had EVER learned was leading up to this moment and I loved it!

There are SO many moving parts to running a restaurant and as someone who loves variety and doing different things each day AND interacting with people, it was right up my alley.

What I now realize is that serving that many guests each and every day really ramps up your learning curve. (with over 6000 people on my mailing list), we served a lot of people, spoke to a lot of people and had thousands of interactions. And it was important to me that each and every interaction was a positive one. 

I learnt very quickly that it ALL counts.

Not only did we serve many guests every day, but there were also so many interactions with the team members, and refining of process and products – it put me on the fast track to implementing so many things.

As a tea room owner I developed recipes, menus, a product line of tea, jams and baked goods and curated tea related products for our retail store and developed the online offer and then I added a tour business to complement the work we where doing in the USA by taking people on tour experiences in the UK.

It allowed me to grow personally and grow my team. Because without my team doing the day to day, I could not do what nurtured me. I would not have been able to continue the creation. Without building the team, listening to what guests told me, refining and implementing, refining and implementing over and over, I would not have expanded the business in the way I did.

That is why now is the perfect time to take that learning, experience and implementation into the training, coaching and mentoring business I now have, through The Xperience Academy. This is where I can help support people to a better day, beyond the tea room and across countries. With clients in the UK, USA and Canada, helping other tea related businesses to grow with guidance from someone who has lived in their shoes, not so long ago. Helping healers, heart centered, and passion driven (mainly women) business owners, I realize that as we start to emerge out of these Covid times (or not), now I am needed more than ever to step up & out and support more and reach more, and in so doing, help others make a ripple in the universe too.

I am SO loving this opportunity. If you’d like to share your story of where you are on your journey, then I’d love to meet you there and help guide you along the path you are on, to help you avoid some of the wheel spinning or mis-steps that are oh so easy to do. Let me help shine a light for you, hold space and accountability for you and give you tools and strategies that can help you get to your promised land, faster and without the burn out.

Let me invite you to have your complimentary possibilities session with me and lets explore your next steps together.