Mastering Your Mindset


with Tina Jesson

Understand how mindset holds you back and discover how changing your mindset can propel you forward. Learn how to change your mindset, to achieve business and personal success

"Tina opened my eyes to how I market my business, and revealed powerful methods and tools that can drive business to my door.

I would absolutely recommend Tina's mindset program to anyone considering launching their business."

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"I loved the mindset readjustment; taking the time to really sit back and look at my mindset, to see opportunities I have overlooked and reexamine my path. I needed the encouragement, the enlightenment,  and the empowerment to take a fresh look at things. 

I feel this is important for women entrepreneurs that don't have support infrastructure to guide and support them. This is a very stimulating support system."

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"I'm at a point where I need to decide what direction I am going in. I have so many options, and opportunities to grow in my business.

Tina helped me to explore all the options, and  focus on where I want to be. I now know where I am going and how I will get there.

I recommend Tina's mindset programme and believe this can help anyone in any business and any industry."

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 "I have lots of different business revenue streams, and I was feeling very lost with all the different things going on. With Tina, I discovered my purpose, We identified the common thread running through my diverse businesses, & how to tie them together.  I feel refreshed, with a sound action plan. This came at a great time for my business, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to continue doing great business, & to people like me who have lost their momentum and need to build themselves back up." 

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Meet Tina Jesson

CEO, Founder & Queen of ExtraOrdinary Experiences

Tina Jesson is the CEO of The Xperience Academy Founder of the Visibility Xperience Business Accelerator System and known by many as the Queen of ExtraOrdinary Experiences.

Celebrated for her entrepreneurship since the 1990’s in both the UK and the USA, in property, retail, travel & hospitality industries, she has developed the steps she now teaches in the Visibility Creator™ system.

As a business practitioner, Tina has learned hands on how to gain visibility for her businesses, from being ranked Number 1 on Google, being asked to write a book by a publisher, being invited to partner with one of the UK's largest paint manufacturers and a National new home builder; to delivering services at the Governor’s Residence to the 2nd Lady wife to the US Vice President; to being invited to be an expert on numerous TV shows spanning the UK and USA. Tina has more than proven her methodology works across continents and across industries.


Mastering your Mindset


One Payment - Lifetime Access

One-time fee, USD
  • Video coaching to help you discover, understand, & change your mindset
  • On demand video on mobile or TV, & listen on the move with downloadable audio
  • Takeaway actions to propel your mindset forward