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Preferred Vendors, Suppliers & Service Providers

The best supplier, vendors & service providers found for your tea room business

The hard work and research done for you.
The insider look at the most cost effective vendors, suppliers and service providers for Tea Room Owners


You’ve got your business plan, you’ve found a location, you’ve even started to get all your equipment

But you still don’t know where to get the key supplies you’ll need
At a price the business can afford

Researching online only gives you retail pricing

Items shipped from other Counties or States take forever and costs a fortune.

You start to realize that what you could do as a customer,
just wont work as a business owner.
Shopping in stores is just not cost effective.

Where do you find the services you need.
And what about the ones you didn’t even know you’d needed!

Get your hands on what another tea room business has done
and save time and money!

Get the most cost effective solutions so you save money from day one!

Just think how much time and money you will save you.

It will help you to fast track your business startup and get it running quickly

Can you imagine the cost of  NOT having this information?

There are only 3 things you need to do in business:
  1. Serve your clients/guests - 2. Keep your costs down - 3. Market your business

This Master Suppliers list comes with a useful instructions guide, and is presented in an easy to use spreadsheet.

You have a single document to store all the business, supplier and service providers, that you use in your business, EVERY DAY
Simply add in your local rep details, telephone numbers, usernames and passwords

You have everything you need for the day to day running of your business

The MASTER SUPPLIER LIST - Makes your job easy

All the research has been done for you - So you know who to find, contact and do business with - FROM DAY ONE!
Did you know you DON'T have to have an expensive telephone line installed if you do this?