Tea Room Secrets - Tea Room Business Plan

The first step in planning your tea room business. Be guided by this example business plan based on an actual tea room

Learn from someone who has done it before you

Based on a real business – not theory or textbook


How on earth do you apply a generic template for a tea business?

Business plan templates are all very well and good,
but what do you really need to do to complete it for your tea business?

So many templates don’t give you a clue on how to complete them, or how to apply it to your type of tea business.

In this business plan you get exclusive access and insight into a completed business plan
 first created for a tea business location in the USA

Experienced tea business owner, Tina Jesson, shares her strategy, delves deep into local market, demographics, market research and answers all the questions you need to ask yourself before you plough headlong into opening your new tea business.

The business plan is based on a specific location being considered, and on the business model developed from the original business idea.

Too many people try to start their business without due consideration. They either never have the confidence to start, or they start in haste, and then never find the success they know they deserve. 

By following the questions posed in each section of the plan, you will see how it was interpreted it for a real tea business. You will get more insight into how you can apply it to your own business ideas. 

You will see inside a real business, see plans, analysis, customer definitions, and location research.
Ideas you can borrow to give your business the very best start.

"Thanks for the great advice regarding our tea room. I  love the business plan. I was looking at templates today but they are so generic a real one is so helpful."  Cheri

"So nice of you to share your business plan. I have been thinking of opening a tea room in my area."   Cathy

"Thank you for sending me your business plan, I am right in the middle of purchasing an existing tea room"  

Inspiration for you to borrow & make your own
Working document from an actual tea business
Based on a real business – not generic, not theory or textbook
Actual tea business strategies & tactics
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