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How to Price Your Menu for Profit

Don't make up your pricing - calculate it! Get the formuals & set prices to make a profit


As a tea room owner, you have an amazing opportunity to bring something very special into your local community and create a sanctuary for your kind of people to escape to, over the ritual of afternoon tea.  

It all started with a dream. What you would do if you owned a tea room. The experience you would create for your guests. The decor, the china, the food, the teas and the memories that would create for your guests.  

But now you’ve been open for a little while, you realize just how hard this business is. You are on your feet all day and boy do the “dogs bark”, your feet hurt (among other things), you are tired and overwhelmed with so much to do. If only there were more hours in the day.  

You know the answer is that you need to invest in help.  

But wait - you can’t afford to, so you keep on struggling just as you are.
But you also know that eventually you will burn out and have to give up on your dream.
What if I showed you just one thing you could do that would help solve that problem?

Imagine being able to take time off

Just imagine not having to work in your business every day. You can focus on what you really want to do, just as you imagined it would be before you started. Before you realized how many moving pieces there are in running a tea room.  Imagine actually taking a Saturday off. A week off. Or a month off? Just as I did in 2016, after owning a tea room for 2 years. And still had a business to come back to.

 Imagine sitting down in your tea room with friends and family. Enjoying the afternoon tea in YOUR tearoom with your kids or Grand kids? Being able to talk to your guests and get to know them, without feeling you should be doing something else. Wouldn’t that be priceless? No more worrying, no more thinking you have to do it all on your own. Having peace of mind and getting the rest you need. 

The Xperience to Expect


The Menu Pricing for Profit Program is designed to ensure that you can stay in business and keep your stress to a minimum by earning what your business needs so you can hire help.

Unless you are financially independent and your tea room is a hobby which is supported by alternative income, then you need to increase your prices!

Maybe you are the only one working in your business and feel like you are doing it all and just can’t afford to bring in your right hand person to allow you some time off.

You are not alone

How easy it is to think you have to do it all yourself. Just because you are in business for yourself, doesn’t mean you have to be in business BY yourself.


With the tearoom secrets fb group you will also be part of a community of other owners who are going through the same growing pains as you. You’ll get to share your journey, your triumphs and what’s working and ask questions.


You’ll also have access to our monthly Ask Tina Anything group coaching calls which you can hop on to if you have a question or you can send in a question and get the reply if the time doesn’t work for you

Enroll in the The Menu Pricing for Profit training program 

After being a tearoom owner for over 6 years myself and actually setting up the business to ‘run without me’ meant that I could work when I want with the people I want, without ‘being the server’ every day and wearing all the other hats. I built my team around me to allow me to do just that. It all started by making sure I charged enough to grow my business beyond just me and to get my life back.


Whether this is your first year in business or your fifteenth, we’ve got a proven, step-by-step path to help you increase your pricing, stay in business and take the time off you deserve as a business owner. Act now to get your limited time bonuses: your 1on1 coaching call with Tina, belonging to a like minded community, and ongoing support:

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A structured, step-by-step “curriculum” that takes the guesswork out of pricing your menu so you grow your business and are able to afford to hire your 2nd in command

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Implementation Worksheets and templates to help you implement what you know and take decisive action

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Sarah Erlandson

Owner - Fancy That - Tea Room - MA

When I started my business, I just made up my pricing. Hubby and I work it together and could never afford staff before. You posted an article recently that touched on this problem. I've been increasing my price annually. I only serve one thing (afternoon tea - a menu that I pre-set every month), so it's a bit conspicuous when I raise my price. I'm now at $31 per person and still demand remains high; I'm about 6 weeks out for weekend reservation. I've just hired a server, and while it bothers me to pay someone, I also realize it's the only way to keep doing this. I'm not sure what the future holds, as hubby is turning 65 next month (I'm 51) but we do want to keep at this for as long as we can