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Employee/Staff Handbook for Tea Room Owners

Communicate the expections of the owner to team members. Includes mission, values, policies, procedures. From an established tea room.

The opening of your tea room is fast approaching or maybe you've been open a while and you realize you need to bring in some help.
When we bring on our first employee, we have responsibilties as an employer.
One of the things you will need is a Staff Handbook.
When I created one for my first tea room it was a godsend.
The team actually appriciate having a point of reference for their questions when I wasn't available and they knew exactly what I expected of them. And they really liked that. So stop stressing over finding the right help. Or thinking they can never do it like you can. THEY CAN!
When you craete a staff handbook that they can read, refer to and sign that they have done so. It helps keep your service consistant as you grow your business beyond just you. And you can take a breath - at last!

Course Summary

This is a 26 page working template detailing the expectations of a real tea room owner. It helps the team know what is expected of them and is helpful when hiring staff and when you need to grow the business beyond just you. You can edit this to match your own operations and there is an employee acknowledgement form included, which they sign and you keep on record, should any employment issues arise.
You can download and edit a word version and a pdf version so you can make the document your own as you update your policies and procedure and detail your expections, like how to dress, how to handle reservation, what to say as guests are welcomed and how to handle phone calls. This is a real example of an actual tea room handbook and will save you so much time and effort AND help you build the team you always dreamed of. All this and so much more...

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Anyone have employee handbooks, job descriptions able to be shared with a tired tearoom owner!

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